Durst Habitat 100H

Durst Habitat has an airflow-optimized design that efficiently eliminates viruses like COVID-19. The continuously drown-in infectious air is guided past several UV-C light sources via mirrored channels. The fluid dynamics ensure a maximum exposure time and irradiation of the air in the channels.


MSRP: 2,400.00 Euro, excl. VAT + shipping.

Available for corporate customers from the European Union.


Patent pending. Final specs may differ. All rights reserved. Durst Phototechnik AG, 2020


Order details
2.400,00 €
plus 22 % TAX

Efficiency in the room


Power consumption

250 W

Supply voltage

240 V

Dimensions (length, height, width)

776 mm x 1651 mm x 92 mm

Dimensions (with pedestal)

776 mm x 1651 mm x 500 mm


45 kg

Max. volumetric flow


Max. volume (1 m distance)


Silent Mode

< 35 dB(A)

Power Mode

< 55 dB(A)
Application recommendation waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants, bars,…

Wavelength UV-C source

254 nm

Life span UV-C source

9000 h


*specification may vary

The Durst Habitat’s center disinfection zone measures 4 x 4 x 2.5 meters. However, Durst points out that no specific statements about square meters or volume size can be given as a general answer in terms of efficiency, as the efficiency depends on many factors such as temperature, air flows in the room, ceiling height, number of people, etc. Therfore Durst gives the following example for the efficiency: 4 people sit at a table and are surrounded by a volume of 8 m3. Each person inhales and exhales about 0.5 m3 of air per hour, a total of 2 m3. Durst Habitat disinfects 12.5 times this volume or 25 m3 in 15 minutes and 50 times the breathing volume of 4 people or 100 m3 in one hour. If the Habitat is placed in a larger room, a constant mixing of the room air around the disinfection center is taking place, which means that by the permanent release of purified air the viral load is reduced even outside the central zone.



The Habitat systems can be viewed at the Durst headquarters in Brixen, South Tyrol/Italy. To make an appointment, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..